What you will need…

Type-A diabetics are always very conscious about supplies. So when getting ready for a trip we naturally begin to thing about the number of things that we need. So the question is what “supplies” do you need to make this trip happen?

A Best Friend for the Journey

Someone to look after. Someone to look after you. Someone to laugh with, joke with, and sing with. Someone to sweat with, cry with, freeze with, and get lost with. Someone to carry you when your blood sugar is low, or tell you that your high when you’re out of breath. Someone to find help when you need it. Someone that you can help find a reason to laugh. Everybody needs somebody. Don’t do this alone. There are too many people in the world to want to travel alone.

I am so blessed beyond words to have my cousin Ariana. She’s my age, beautiful, joyful, selfless, and pretty much the funnest person on earth. I know there isn’t going to be a single dull moment on this trip with Ari around. Plus she’s really tall so I know I’ll never lose sight of her.

I’ve known her since long before I was diagnosed with diabetes so talking to her about blood sugar issues and hyper/hypoglycemia symptoms is no problem. There’s no holding back between us and we love to laugh at each other.

The first thing you need for this trip, is a friend to share it with. And unlike other supplies, you only need one!



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