What you will need… 2

A-#1, meter and pump supplies

More important than your pad lock, more important than your sleeping bag, more important than your backpack, arguably more important than your passport are the diabetic supplies. This may seem like a given, but you need A LOT of pump and meter supplies. Depending on your situation, you want to have anywhere from 150-200% of the amount of supplies that you would usually have for the time period that you will be gone on your trip. You never really know! Your inset may fall out, you might accidentally drop every last one of your lancets into the English Channel while checking your BG on the bow of a ferry, or perhaps you’re going to be eating so much Italian pasta that your Daily Insulin Intake becomes quadruple what it usually is. Whatever it may be, you’d rather be safe than insulin-less.

We diabetics rely on insulin for our sobriety and sanity. If you don’t want to become a constant irritable presence to your travel partner, then it is certainly a good idea to make sure that you are always prepared and are getting the insulin that you need.

On the flip-side you also need to remember to bring the other most important medicine that diabetics need. Food. Always have low treatment, especially if you are going to be backpacking and walking around a lot.

When it comes time to pack your bag with your supplies, be smart about it. Most inset and cartridges are shipped to your house or pharmacy in standard sized boxes. This is cute and all, but you can save some room by putting your supplies into ziplock bags instead. Not only will this allow you to save room in your bag, but you can then label the ziplock bags and fill them with enough supplies for 2 weeks. Then your ziplock bags can become a way of pacing yourself, and making sure that you are no where near running out of supplies throughout the trip.

So be a Savvy Supply Sacker and pack your pump wisely!



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