Day 1 – A long way to Ireland

One thing that I noticed while flying, is that all the excitement and noise can really cause some stress (albeit positive stress) on the body. It seemed that no matter what I did, I was constantly looking at a meter flashing a low blood sugar reading. I would even at -%30 basal rate changes during my flights but still would end up low. This may be the case for you. If it is don’t be afraid to not “play by the rules”. 

Your endocrinologist may have changed your basal rates before sending you off on vacation, but she cannot predict the way your body is going to react to the changes you face abroad. You can’t either, but you can learn to react to them. The more difficulties you face with controlling your blood sugar, the more you will find ways to prevent future problems.

 For example while I was on the plane to Dublin dinner was served on the flight with pasta and salad. I was surprised at how willing the stewardess was to look up the nutrition facts for me and how the security in Waterloo let me keep my pump on while doing the metal dectector test.

Remember that most people are related to diabetics. So a lot of people are very willing to give you special attention to help you out. So fear not!


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