Day 4: Out of Nowhere

You’d be surprised at the amount of accommodations there are on ferries (and other modes of transportation in Europe for that matter). 

After finally finding an available ferry to take us to the Ntherlands across the English Channel we had a long boat ride and plenty of time to kill on board. My readings ended up pretty because I was pretty sedentary. So I ended up doing some exploring. 

There was a beatiful triple passenger deck with tables and a bar. I enjoy walking around and watching the sea waves. On the other side of the passenger out of nowhere I discovered a basketball court. I was really surprised, and proceeded to do a full half hour exercise routine. This helped wake up my body and lower my blood sugar. 

I got some pretty strange looks as other passengers stared at me as I did forward lunges, but I didn’t care. I was just so happy to find exactly what I needed while I was in the middle of the Sea. 


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