Day 7: When in Hamburg…

When you are abroad you see a lot of different traditions and mannerisms. Eventually you learn to “do as the Romans do”. It’s good to follow the local traditions and customs so to not offend anyone and to not stand out. But he sure to remember that you are not just a Roman, but a diabetic Roman.  It’s important that you try to walk the fine line between following tradition and following diet. 

Germany is such a marvelous country. The people, the food, and the culture are all wonderful. But like anywhere there were a couple surprises when Ari and I first stayed in Hamburg with some German friends. It was around 5pm when the whole family sat down around the table to eat. I was thinking that maybe we were going to have an early dinner, but I was begining to have second thoughts when I saw Renate, our host, bring out a freshly baked strawberry tart. Kaffee und Kuchen is a very strong Getman tradition, it translates “Coffee and Cake”. Everyday before dinner the family sits around the table and has coffee with cake. Once the cake and coffee is finished , then dinner is served. We had Eintopf stew for dinner. As soon as dinner was finished, out came the dessert plates again. Nachtisch, a.k.a.  dessert after dinner, another German tradition. 

With triple the usual carbs, my pump was having a hard time keeping up. So needless to say my bed time reading was above 400. 

With three rounds of carbohydrates instead of just one, make sure your body is well armed with insulin. Feel free to do as the Hamburgers do and eat eat eat.  But make sure you still count the carbs and give dose yourself right.


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