Day 6: Taming the Sweet Tooth 

At first, it is impossible to figure out the carbs for everything that you’re eating each day while traveling. The odds are against you. The food is unfamiliar and even the nutrition facts label is in kilograms instead of cups and teaspoons So a lot blood sugar control has to be based off of trial and error. 

Stroopwaffle is a Dutch dessert  that looks as good as it taste. A sweet waffle batter with syrup fried between. Ari and I just had to get some while we we’re in Amsterdam. A pack of 10 was only €3.50. 

Later I found myself in a Catch 22. There we were in our train on our way to Hamburg, sitting across from each other with fresh Stroopwaffle, only to discover that my blood sugar was high. Luckily I packed some self-control for this trip. I changed my pump and was able to limit myself to only one Stroopwaffle. 

Self control, check

Ari and I have developed a great habit of choosing one meal Everest that comes completely from the grocery store. So luckily, at the time I had carrots and peanuts to eat while my blood sugar went back down.  
It is very tempting to go to town when eating desserts in other countries, because they are very very VERY good. But by limiting yourself a little can help yourself a lot. 


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