Day 10: Following rules

Lots of people get away with doing whatever they in the U.S. But in Germany people obey the laws out of respect for lawmakers who put them in place. 

As we walked through the streets of Hamburg, we stopped at a crosswalk with a red light. Walter, our German friend laughed and said, “that’s the difference between the French and the German. The Germans wait…and the French… just go right through”. 

Public Bathrooms are a completely different story in Europe in comparison to the U.S. In many cases you will have to pay anywhere between €0,50 and €2 to use the toilet in a public place, i.e.  a train station. There have been many instances where I’ve grumbled and said “why on earth would anybody pay for that”.  But at the end of the day I realize that some people make their living from maintaining these places. So even though there are many ways to cheat the system and do the wrong thing when nobody’s looking, it’s always better to play by the rules. 

No matter if you’re a diabetic or not, you should always do your best to respect the rules. Otherwise you may be sitting on a wet toilet seat. 


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