Day 8: Give Us This Day Our Daily Brot

Every country has its food staples. China has rice. Germany has bread, lots and lots of bread. Bread is called “Brot” in German. They bake it freshly everyday and eat Brot, fresh meat, and cheese for breakfast and dinner all the time. 

Germans have many types of Brot. “Schwarz Brot” (black bread), “Braun Brot” (brown bread), “Brotchen” (rolls), and “DinkelBrot” (Speltbread). All of them are delicious and almost always eaten with marmalade and cheese. 

The funny thing about the German diet is that besides the bread, there are almost no carbs at all. One day while staying with our German friends my pump site wasn’t working so my readings were high at dinner. So I tried my best to avoid carbs at all cost. I was surprised at how much easier it was for me avoid carbs in Germany than in the US. The only thing I couldn’t eat was the bread. The cheese, the vegetables, the Capprizzi, and the meat all had almost no carbs at all. 

So the typical German meal may not have a lot of carb sources, but there’s plenty of Brot to go around. 


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