Day 11: The Magic of Temp Basal

If you’re a pump user, you know how strange basal rates can be. The problem isn’t that Basal rates are unreliable, the problem is that they are too reliable! In order for basal rates to keep your blood sugar in line, you need to have a very set routine day to day. In other words, you would have to be a robot in order for them to work all the time. And your day is anything but routine when you’re traveling non stop. But fortunately there is some hope for us. 

Temp Basals are a marvelous way to manage the ups and downs of wandering life. You’re never really sure when you’ll be walking through Berlin or sitting on the ICE Bahn. It’s just not how backing works. But when ever you find yourself more or less active, you can set the appropriate temp basal on the pump. For example, on our way to to Prague from Berlin I increased my basal rate by 20%. After all I’m just sitting in a train. 

It takes some practice, but once you learn to use your temp basal correctly it works like magic. 


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