Day 12: Being Thankful

We’ll we’ve made it a third of the way into our trip and are still breathing. So now would be the time to reflect on the journey so far.  There has been so many times when it seemed like there was no chance for us to get out of the mess that we got into, and miraculously there has always been a way for us to get through. 

Faith is the substance that keeps us going when traveling abroad, otherwise we have no chance of making it. We’ve missed busses, boat, trams and trains. We’ve lost cameras and sleep. We’ve gotten lost a hundred times. But every trial becomes an adventure when you have faith. 

In Prague as we were on our way to the hostel, we stopped at a small (somewhat sketchy) souvenir shop across from the Our Lady of Victous Prague Infant Jesus Church. I bought a scarf and then walked out. About a half mile later, I realized that I had forgotten our camera on the counter. “It’s Gone!” I thought to myself as I ran through the streets back to the shop. “Here we are in Prague, infamous for pickpockets, and I left a camera on the counter. It must be gone”. Despite my frightful thoughts, I prayed to Mary, “Please mother, have mercy and let the camera still be there”. I walked in and gazed down at the counter. There it was just below the counter out of sight.

Though it all, God always make a way. Have faith! Nothing is impossible. 


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