Day 13: Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?

Walking, running, boating, training, and flying. No matter how you travel, you need to keep track of time. Since Ari and I have been city hopping a lot, it makes it very difficult to decide what to do with the 24hour period that you have in a city. 

When sight seeing, there is so much to see that you rarely look down at your watch. But it’s still good to keep track of how long you’ve been doing something. That way you can give yourself a better idea of how much that activity will effect your blood sugar. 

I’m certainly guilty of walking around a city for too long and not realizing that my glucose is dropping faster than value of the £. So inevitably I have to take a couple of glucose tabs and suspend my pump for a bit. In Prague it was pretty easy to keep track of time with the town clock constantly chiming and the giant astronomical clock in the town center. It’s always a good idea no matter what city you’re in to ask yourself “how long have we been walking or eating”.

 So as they always say in Prague, “Czech yourself befor you wreck yourself”


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