Day 14: 100grams

As we were making our way to Vienna, I made a very important (and somewhat obvious) disovery. While looking at a small granola bar I noticed that the carb count was way higher than it should have been. “67g of carbs in a tiny bar?!” I thought to myself. But after doing a brief investigation I realized that in Eirope, a lot of the serving sizes are given in 100 grams. So no matter how big or salmon your snack is you need to put it into proportion. 

For  example, the granola bar was only 35g. Do a little percentage math, and you find that the bar is only 23 carbs. 

So when you’re abroad, look out for the 100g serving size on your food. If I had know that earlier I wouldn’t have had as much blood sugar highs and lows at the begining of the trip. 


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