Day 15: The Best Drink In the World

I truly believe that the best things in life are free. Hands down, water is my favorite drink in the world. You really can’t underestimate the importance of water. Underestimating the importance of water in your body is like underestimating the importance of oil in your car. Both are very hazardous. I should know,  because I’ve underestimated both. 

I was very surprised to find that there were very few places to find free water in Europe. Overall there’s more free wifi than there is free water in Europe. Especially in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Munich. You will find that locals in Germany are very used to drinking carbonated water in restaurants. After sending so much time in these cities I began to really miss the sight of a free drinking fountain like in the U.S.  

I was so pleased when we were walking in Vienna and at the entrance of Strauss Park was a large blue station labeled “Trinkwasser”. The water came fresh from the Danube and was cold and refreshing. 

Dehydration is a huge problem for me as a diabetic. It’s super important that I carry my water bottle with me at all times. (Not fact, I nearly missed a train when trying to retrieve it when I left it behind). But keeping it filled has been more difficult in Europe because it’s not easy to get to sometimes. But nearly everyone that I’ve asked to fill my water bottle was very willing. 

So be warned that staying hydrated while your constantly walking around in Europe isn’t easy. But you’ll find that some countries like Austria have free drinking fountains. It’s quite revealing to know that there are sill countries that offer the best drink in the world for free. 


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