Day 16: A Fermented Tradition

Munich is a phenomenal city. It’s beautiful, It’s busy, it’s efficient, it’s electric, and it has a long history of building cars and brewing beer. There are probably more Beer gardens in Munich than there are restaurants. In some cases you’ll find that the beer is cheaper than water. 

Personally, I have never been a beer fan. But when the beer is  more available than water, Why not? The brew in Munich was exquisite, but I was quickly reminded of some of the side effects of beer. 

We sat down in the beer garden around midday. Naturally we got wurst, pretzels, and beer. Assoon as I finished my liter, BAM, I was rushing to the bathroom. The rest of the day was torturous. My reading was running high and I was completely dehydrated. 

As I said in the previous post, water can be very hard to find in Europe   So as we vistied the city I was feeling completely high and dry for the next 8 hours. Without anywhere for me to get water or use the bathroom, I was miserable. 

Beer tastes wonderful here in Munich. But you need to remember that Beer has a good deal of carbohydrates because fermentation requires it. In addition to raising your Blood Sugar, alcohol dehydrates the body. 

This means double trouble for us diabetics, but if your careful and carry a bottle of water. You can enjoy a great refreshing fermented tradition without ruining your day.  


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