Day 17: Weather Or Not

There are many, many, MANY things out of your control while traveling. Late trains, traffic, fresh out of Sunday Roast; but one of the most unpredictable things, is the weather. 

Let’s face it, Meteorologist have spent years and years of research to figure out how to forecast the weather. And we still never know how the weather will turn out. 

The sad part about it, is that the weather really can change how you view a city. It’s no conincidence that for most cities that we’ve visited so far, we’ve enjoyed ourselves the most where it has rained the least. It rained all day in Ireland, all day in London, a lot in Amsterdam, and a bit in Hamburg. With the exception of Hamburg, we were both given the impression that the weather in these cities is always damp and cold. Obviously that is not true, but sometimes when you’re only spending 24 hours in a city you can’t help but have some resentment from a soggy experience. 

This is why it’s super important to have an open mind while you’re traveling. You can turn any misfortunate event into a wonderful adventure or a relaxing experience. 

On our last day in Munich it rained a lot in the evening. It could have been seen as a terrible thing, but it ended up being wonderful. It gave Ari and I a chance to sit inside a house with some friends we were visiting and take some time to talk with them and prepare/bake some food. It was far more memorable than some of the sunniest days of our trip so far. 

So always smile at the rain clouds and look at them as an opportunity to do something unique. Whether the weather is good or not, be docile and you’ll have the greatest time of your life. 


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