Day 18: The Real Deal

Ariana and I have been super blessed to have have friends willing to let us stay with them in Germany. Every moment is made more meaningful when you have friends to guide you through the city and introduce you to the culture. 

It’s one thing to cross through a city and ask for directions here and there or maybe talk to the guy at the ticket booth. But nothing beats having a real conversation with a local. And you don’t have to know someone in order to talk to locals. They’re everywhere! With the exception of Prague, you will find that the amount of locals outnumbers the amount of tourist. Meeting people who live in the area can save you from being trapped doing what every tourist does. Sight-seeing. 

So how do you meet locals? First of all, avoid the tourist attractions. Locals live in the area an aren’t as impressed by the region’s monuments and wonders as tourist. Second, go to an ordinary spot. Try a cafe, a restaurant, or a park.  In places like these you can spark up a conversation with anyone and they can tell you about the area. I recommend starting a conversation as soon as you sit next to someone. If you wait too long, the moment will turn sour. Suddenly the situation feels awkward and there’s nothing to say. So always be the first to introduce yourself.

In Munich our wonderful friends deicded to drive us to a Stadtlfest. These festivals celebrate Bavarian traditions and includes Blaskapella Band, potato salad, cake, and of course beer. You could think of it as a mini Oktoberfest. Ari and I both had a phenomenal time. Our friends were even kind enough to let me borrow some Liederhosen. Out of all of our adventures so far, this once was the most memorable. It was such a unique experience to be able to talk and dance with locals while being dressed like one. 

So if you want to experience the “Real Deal” when it comes to a foreign city, you have to talk with the people that live there and walk in their shoes (or Liederhosen).


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