Day 19: This Is No Picnic

I’ve come up with an addage, “there are no free rides in Switzerland.” Switzerland is an expensive place to live. Let’s face it, you’re in the Alps and anything that isn’t home grown is transported through a mountain range that had kept invaders out for centuries. 

The truth is that Switzerland is expensive. No matter what you buy; Food, Clothes, Medicine, Hotel, Whatever. It’s all pretty costly. Ari and I learned that pretty quickly in Davos, Switzerland.

There’s a supermarket chain called Coop that you can find in various places in Switzerland. Ari and I stumbled upon one while we were in Davos. We were happy because the setup was very similar to a Wrgmans. Restaurant area  upstairs, groceries downstairs. We grabbed what we wanted for dinner. I got carrots, lettuce , an orange, an apple, and some peanuts. After cashing out we went up the escalators to the restaurant area. The eating area wasn’t fancy, it was all self serve with only a couple cash registers. Ari and I hadn’t got any grocery bags so the both of us were clinging to our fruits and veggies between our fingers. We have our hands a break and found a table to sit down. It was five o’clock, and there were only three tables being used while the seventeen others were completely empty. We sat down without doubting our intensions. We busted out the goods and began to eat our humble little dinner. 

Five minutes after we had began to eat, the head cashier approached our table with a twisted countenance and said,”This is no picnic. I’m sorry, you can’t just bring your food here and eat.”. Ariana and I looked at each other in wonder and stood up awkwardly to gather up our food. We left the store with a bitter taste in our mouths, and it certainly wasn’t from the food. We ended up having to finish our meager meal on a bench outside in the cold. 

That day we both learned that there are no free rides in Switzerland, but we also learned how to become less reliant and more independent. A lesson learned, a lesson earned.


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