Day 20: You Vs. Nature

As I said before, sometimes you just can’t control the weather. Mother Nature does what she wants no matter what we have to say about it. 
By far one of the craziest face-offs we had was in Como Italy. We had just eaten a late dinner and my blood sugar was getting higher from the delicious lasagna I ate. We took a bus down to where our hostel was to be. There was an open entrance that lead to a stone trail that was surrounded by stone walls on both side. A sign hung upon one of the walls to the left of the path. The sign was difficult to read because the rain was pouring down unforgivingly.We walked up the forestry trail hoping to get to our hostel, but when we reach a large red barrier gate we were convince that we ha gone the wrong way. We tried other roads. After getting lost a few times trying to cross other streets we returned to the trail entrance and continued up it. The trail led up and up the hill. The water ran down the sides and everywhere there was a trench for it to flow downward. 

The both of us marched up the trail in the soaking rain and in nearly total darkness. At one point we looked up and as the sun set admits the storm, a gorgeous rainbow appeared, more brilliant than the sky. Amidst the storm door a sign of hope from God that we were headed in the right direction. 

But it was late and the higher we went the more dense the foliage became and the lower the sun set. We tried to hurry. What was only supposed to be a 15 minute walked ended up taking far longer. We took a turn at a sign that appeared to have the location we were looking for, but once again we were wrong. 

We came to a clearing where the entire city was visible down below. At that point we realized that we needed to turn back. Not only were we at risk of not having a place to stay, but we were at risk of not being able to get out of the forest at all. 

Ariana had lost all hope and was ready to give up completely. In tears she told me that she didn’t fear safe at all. We both were soaked to the bone and our sight was darkening. At that point my adrenaline really kicked in and I pressed forward like never before. I told Ari that we would find the hostel and everything would be alright. I was lucky that I had all that energy from that pastas we ate. 

Pressing on we finally saw the lights the peak of the trail and I finally found hope. We found a place to stay there that night. Warm and in a bed. Not dirt, not a log, but a bed. 

I realized something as I laid sleepless lay in that bed that night. Not for a moment during that crazy time of life threatening tension did it matter that I was diabetic. I had all that adrenaline rushing through my body. Regulating my sugar and endocrine system with great efficiency. Some times as a diabetic you may get bogged down by how hard it can be to control blood sugar, but it’s comforting to remember that your body has a self defense system. When it’s you versus nature you can always win so long as you never give up. 


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