Day 21: Saying Thank You

Gracias, Danke, Merci, Grazie,  Thank you. If you don’t know how to say thank you in a foreign country, then take a look at the nearest subway sign asking you to not jump into the rail tracks. Most of the time a sign with directions will end with a “Thank You”. 

That phrase can really change your experience in a foreign country. It really doesn’t take much to communicate with people who don’t speak English. And when you’re in somebody else’s country, speaking their language shows that you have respect for their culture. It makes a big difference. 

When you sit down to order something at an Italian restaurant, you pull the menu out and find you can hardly understand what’s on the page. Your waiter is more than happy try to explain what is in each menu item. He takes your order and promptly leaves to give it to the kitchen. Moments later he comes back with food and sets the steaming plate in front of you. This is a perfect opportunity to say “Grazie” and he responds “Prego!”. 

It may seem like common ediccate, but there’s much more happening here than a simple exchange of words. You can change your life and the lives of those around you by showing gratitude. 

Sitting on Lago di Faggeta beach displaying the beautiful Lake Como admits the Alps, you can’t help but be full of thanks. The water is cool and refreshing, the people are joyful, and figs are so abundant that you can find bushels washed up on the shore. When you are abroad and have moments where you astounded by the beauty around you. Take that moment to be thankful and hold the split second tightly. Doing this allows you to slow down time and savoy the moment. Dwelling upon the beauty around you.

The more you grateful you are and the more you say “Grazie” to God and your fellow man, the more alive you will be. 


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