Day 24: Sandtrap 

If you wear a pump, you are very familiar with how touchy pump sites can be. The pump site is the only way that your pump can deliver insulin to your body, and it doesn’t take much to disturb the site. This of course wreaks havoc on you’re blood sugar. I learned a lesson about protecting my pump site one day while on the beach in Montpellier. The beach stretched for miles and miles of sandy coastline. That day, there was a lot a of fog in the air. The beach was pallid from all of the fog, when you squinted into the distance everything faded to white. The sand was so fine grained, that we you stood up from lying on the beach you would find it in every crevasse of your body. I decided to take a swim in the ocean waves, pulsing in and out. The water dusted my lips with salt and made a salty design with the residue on my skin. 

Sometimes we forget that the ocean if full of salt. Also we forget that grains of sand and salt can get into a pump inset. After spending a full day at the beach and going into the ocean three times, I reached behind and tried to reconnect my my pump clip into my inset. Usually the clip slides in to place no problem and “snap” the pump is reconnected and can deliver insulin again. But this time there was no “snap”. In fact, it didn’t seem like the inset clip wasn’t sliding in at all. I had to go the rest of the day with my pump disconnected. Thank God that I was so active that my blood sugar didn’t get high. When I finally changed my pump and pulled out the old inset, I finally saw the problem. Grains of sand had filled my pump inset while I was in the water. 

Every box of insets comes with a packet of a couple inset covers to clip in when you are in the water. I used to always wonder why anyone would bother putting them on, but now I know. So when you’re traveling abroad and swimming in the water, make sure that you clip on a inset cover before you jump into the water and get sand in your set. 


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