Day 25: Teamwork 

As I said from the start, it’s really important to have someone with you when you’re traveling. Countless times, Ari has been there to stop me from crossing a busy street or hoping on the wrong bus. It’s nice to have someone along for the ride, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy riding a two seater bicycle. 

Nearly every city we have been in we’ve managed to lose our way. In Montpellier, we had so much difficultly agreeing on a way to go, that it took two hours of walking in the blistering sun to find a way tour hotel.  The number of times that Ariana and I have gotten lost attests to how much trouble we have agreeing on things. She drinks coffee, I drink tea. She hates smoked flavored meat, I love it. She likes country and pop music, I like classical and rock. She wants to take the train, I want to walk. The list is almost endless. After a month of traveling together, our differences have become as apparent as night and day. 
But in the end we agreed to accept our differences as yin and yang, two parts of a whole. Both Ari and I are very strong minded, smart and a bit stubborn. So when she wants to go one way, I usually have  a different way in mind. But what we bothhave begun to realize is that traveling together means being a team. And being a team means working together forwards a common goal. As a team we need to take our differences and turning them into advantages.

Ariana and I may have a lot of differences, but when we realize that we share the common goal of wanting to have a great time traveling we achieve that goal. It takes a great deal of respect for each other to be willing to let the other person win. But when you humbly accept your traveling partner’s differences, you get so much more out of the trip. Trust me, teamwork is the only way a trip works. 


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