Day 27: ¡Delicioso!

When you’re traveling abroad there’s no end to the amount of food available to try. While you’re abroad you want to try every little bit of foreign cuisine that you can possibly fit in your mouth. After all, you may never get a chance like this ever again.  But sight seeing takes a great deal of time and often there hardly is enough time to eat three times a day.

In addition to the amazing meals that you can find in Europe, dessert is a speciality not to be missed. German cake, Austrian strudel, Swiss chocolate, Italian gelato, French pastries, Spanish churros. It’s all so enticing, but when are you supposed to find time to eat it.

I’ve found while traveling that the days that you eat on the run are the ones where you find a chance to get some sweets. Because even though delicious food is always surrounding you in Europe, your appetite is finite and your stomach can only handle so much. There are times when even the most appetizing dessert doesn’t look so appealing.

But when you’re eating on the run, you don’t tend to eat as much because you simply don’t have the time. There are some days where there is just too much to see and not nearly enough time. So on days like these you may find yourself wanting to get a little dessert after a long day with not a lot of food. I certainly did.

We had been traveling around to the beach and La Sagrada Familia the entire day in Barcelona. It was late and we had a few hours until dinner would be served. So we went for a scavenger hunt though the city to find a chocolate shop we had passed by a couple days earlier. We had tried a free sample there and the taste of the honey almond fudge was lodged in my mind. It took nearly an hour to relocate the shop but when we saw the “Torrons Artesans Vicens” sign we knew it was the right place. Massive bars of chocolate and fudge lined the shelves of the shop. The fudge was creamy and sweeter than anything I had ever had before.

We left the Vicens shop and later walked around the city some more. We hadn’t eaten much at all that day and as we headed back to the hostel I found that my body was trembling from low blood sugar.

At the corner of the street I told Ari to stop for a moment. I busted my sweet almond honey fudge bar out and broke off chunks of it and placed it in my salivating mouth.

I really wanted to save the bar for after dinner. But since we were in a hurry to get back to the hostel in time for dinner I had no choice because I couldn’t go on without sugar. That fudge bar did the trick, but I certainly wish that I ate it when I sitting down and actually able to enjoy the rich creamy taste.

So when you’re abroad try to make time for sweets. It may seem like you’re on a tight schedule, but never forget you’re on vacation. Relax and enjoy the sweetness of the trip.


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