Day 29: Do It Yourself

Some people are afraid to travel because they feel that when they go abroad they will be incapable of finding food that fit their dietary needs. In case any of you have some very particular problems in addition to diabetes, such as allergies, siliacs, or other diet needs, I have good news for you. Every hostel that we’ve been in throughout our trip has had some kind of open kitchen where backpackers can cook their own food.

It can be a God-sent blessing at times when you’re not able to go to a restaurant, but still dying to eat. All you need to do when you’re abroad is find the nearest Supermarket and buy the  ingredients you want for the meal.

Our first evening in Valencia we were very hungry since we ate a small lunch four hours earlier. So while walking admist the shops on the street, a fresh fruit shop caught our eye. I bought some carrots and piñones pasta. The total came to €1,24.

When we got to our hostel I darted up to the kitchen to fix us some dinner. I was astonished at how much was available for use in the kitchen. Stove tops, pots, Pans, strainers, knives, plates, mugs, cups, silverware, wooden spoons, spatulas, ladles. Everything you could think of needing in the kitchen was there in abundance. And like most hostels, the kitchen had a cabinet filled with free food left over from other backpackers. So we didn’t even need to buy salt, pepper, or soy sauce, it was already there  I boiled the carrots and piñones we bought, and the two of us ate a half decent meal together for only €1,24. By far the cheapest dinner we ever ate in Europe.

If you’ve ever had trouble going out to eat with your family because there’s nothing on the menu that fits your diet, don’t worry. When you’re abroad you can find all the groceries you need in the nearest super market and cook them yourself. But be earned that most me mets close around the time that the restaurants open, at 8pm. Be sure to get your groceries before the markets close. It’s by far the cheapest way to eat and if you have dietary restrictions it’s the most certain way to be sure that the food is “done right”. So if you want something done right, eat cheap and do it yourself.


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