Day 31: Darling You Give Pumps A Bad Name

There were times as I was packing for the trip that I began to doubt that I would need to pack syringes and Novalog (long acting insulin), but I’m certainly glad I did. Our final day in Valencia we were on the beach. It was hot and sunny. About four thousand people were lying out on the beach and playing in the water. The warm waves pushed themselves against the sunny shore, and naturally I decided to go into the water.

I had learned my lesson in Montpellier, so I clipped my inset clip on and dashed into the water, it was so refreshing. About a half hour passed and then I retreated back to my towel on the fine dry sand. I laid there for nearly an hour. Being out in the sun for so long I became like a sunflower seed, salted by the sea and roasted by the sun. So I decided to run back into the water.

But as I search for my clip it was no where in sight. It must have flown off my towel as I shook the sand off it. I decided the alternative to the clip would be to go in the water with the pump still on. After all, the website says that the pump can stay under 12 feet of water for over 24 hours. I figured I had nothing to worry about. I swam out to sea for another half hour or so.

When I returned to the shore and laid down I felt my pump vibrate. Then it made four loud beeps. I looked at the screen, but couldn’t see anything. I figured it was because the sun was so bright, but when cupped my hands over my eyes and took a closer look, I saw that the screen was entirely black.

I rushed to take my poor pump to the nearest shower to rinse it off with some fresh water. But that didn’t seem to do anything. I took the battery out of the compartment several times and put it back it, trying to give it electronic CPR. Minutes later the screen flashed on and I was filled with hope. But only a few moments later after vibrating and beeping several times the screen flashed a few times and then went completely black and never turned on again.

Seeing my pump go hang wire was more than just heart breaking, it was nerve wreaking. Here we were 4 days before going back home and my pump now decided to lose its marbles. It has been 9 years since I’ve had to use syringes.

But I was grateful that I had brought my syringes and Novalog otherwise we would have had to go home immediately. Thank God it happened so late in the trip and not in the middle. I had packed just enough syringes to make it through these last few days. Although it has been a rough transition, it’s kind of good to be using needles again.

Shots in my arm and you’re to blame. Darling you give pumps a bad name!


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