The Final Score

Well I crunched the numbersWe stayed in 12 hostels, 2 houses, 1 hotel, 1 apartment, and 1 bed and breakfast. We shopped at over a dozen different grocery stores, and ate at many restaurants.   I added up the plane tickets, Eurail passes, lodging, sight-seeing tickets, the restaurants, cafes, and bars. The total amount of money that we spent was $5,641.18. That’s only $2,820.59 per person!

How did we manage such a low budget? Above all else I would say that the biggest financial aid was being able to stay with our friends in Germany and Austria. Their generosity couldn’t be overlooked, they not only let us stay with them for free but they also took us out to eat and cooked for us free of charge. This cut a huge amount of money from our total cost. Thank God German people are so awesome!

Secondly, we limited the amount of times we went out to eat. As I said before, we limited the amount of times we went out to eat by designating one meal to be a grocery meal. By going to the supermarket instead of the nearest tourist trap restaurant we were able to decrease the money we spent on food by almost half. Definitely worth waiting in the checkout line.

Thirdly, we booked our plane tickets 6 months in advanced. We were able to get a great deal on our round trip tickets. For the two of us it was $1,200 to fly into Dublin and out of Madrid. An offer we couldn’t refuse.

Lastly, we split the difference! Since there were two of us we cut the cost of traveling through Europe in half.

Since traveling through Europe was a priceless experience all of this money talk seems useless to me. I would have paid double to have done all that we did together. But just so that you don’t use money as an excuse not to travel, I wanted to tell you all how cheap a 35 day trip through Europe really can be! If you follow some of the tips I gave, you’ll have no money worries.



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